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Sightseeing and getting about town is easy. Tavira Town Tours offers tour by horse and carriage, and special trips can be organized by taxi. There is also a lovely tourist train that rattles and shakes over the cobbled streets. The prices are very reasonable and it’s an ideal way to initially discover Tavira and be able to decide where you want to revisit.

The train is especially good for this as it takes you up into the old area and drops you off for a little walk around. In this area there is the camera obscura, a former water tower of the Alto de Santa Maria. Using a series of mirrors and lenses, it offers unusual and spectacular views of the town, and also a most interesting commentary by a very knowledgeable, and enthusiastic guide. There is also a small cafe here. The castle grounds, beautiful views of the salt pans and the city roof tops. As you pass the Carmo church watch out for the interactive science museum. The Roman square and the bridge with all the cafes is ideal for people watching and in the summer offers various entertainment. Ask at the tourist information for the walking book of Tavira to fully experience the Tavira experience.

Boat trips to discover nature in Ria Formosa’s Natural Park aboard traditional wooden boats, named “Douros”. Observe the wild life on the shores of this beautiful and tranquil lagoon. Discover the charm of the lagoon villages and their fishing harbours. Visit the deserted Islands and empty beaches of the Ria Formosa lagoon.


Attractions in & around Tavira

Nature and birdwatching Ria Formosa Apart from being the most attractive town on the Algarve coast, Tavira is a good locality from which to explore the Ria Formosa. White Storks nest on disused chimneys and in summer, Little Terns fish on the Rio Gilão right in the centre of the town.

If time is short head towards the sea. Take the road along the west bank of the river out of town to Quatro Águas. Access to the salinas either side of this road is unrestricted. Birds are not wary and can be watched easily from the road or even from just behind the market. Tracks lead out onto the pans and along the banks of the rio Gilão and the Tavira Channel (Canal de Tavira).

From either Tavira or Quatro Águas ferries serve the Ilha de Tavira. This island is an 11 km sand dune facing the open Atlantic on one side and a lagoon on the other. The Ilha de Tavira has no permanent residents but its splendid beaches attract a large summer population of sun-worshippers at widely separated centres. In summer, the dune flora is superb. It is easy to walk away from the holidaymakers and into solitude. In winter, ferries are infrequent.

Tavira Beaches
The Ilha de Tavira, a popular attraction for locals and visitors, summer and winter. A picturesque ferry trip takes you there from the riverside in the town, during the summer, or from the four aquas' jetty, in the winter. Cafes and bars available, but limited opening hours during winter. There is also a campsite here.
The Barril beach, close to Pedras del Rei, is often voted as the best beach. The idyllic views from the train to the beach and the beautiful silver sand certainly make it worth a visit. Cafe and bar available.

Golf near Tavira
The Algarve is renowned for the quality of its golf courses. Designed by experts with no expense spared to provide the discerning golfer the variety and challenge which makes an ordinary course stand out from the rest. The East is no exception, the golf courses, the support structure and the accommodation offer first class facilities in a superb climate. Benamor, Casto Marim, Quinta da Ria, Quinta de Cima, Colin Verde are all within easy reach of Tavira.