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The scenic location of Tavira, protected by its natural lagoon makes it 'the prettiest town' in Portugal say the Portuguese, and it is one of the most historic cities of modern Portugal. Located 25kms from Faro and 20kms from Spain, it is a firm favourite for discerning visitors. Tavira is an ancient town with a Phoenician, Roman and Moorish past. It has a castle, over 35 churches (many neglected), a superb  seven arch Roman bridge and a magnificent Roman amphitheatre style Praça da Republica(See below). It is a city divided, but not separated by the River Gilăo, there are three bridges linking the two parts of the city.

Whether you are a first time visitor, a regular visitor or a resident, there are always surprises around the next corner. Something you haven’t noticed before, something new, or even a particular favourite that has returned. The Moorish occupation of Tavira between the 8th and 13th centuries left its mark on the agriculture, architecture and culture of the area. That influence can still be seen today with its whitewashed buildings, Moorish style Reixa doors, and unusual oriental style roofs.

On both sides of the River Gilăo you can find good shopping with local produce, including fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, basket ware, pottery, ceramic tiles, wrought iron work, and cork and shell handicrafts. Friendly locals  welcome you; important whether you are just browsing or wining and dining in the many bars and restaurants, on the riverfront or in the fascinating cobbled side streets.

Cultural activities, including music in the churches program, international sports competitions, sporting activities, all within walking distance, or relax enjoy the tranquility and the opportunity to observe nature and birdlife at its best.

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A Family Friendly town called Tavira Situated in the east  Algarve, Portugal.

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An outbreak of the plague in 1645-46, the further silting up of the River Gilăo, and the earthquake of 1755 were major factors in the decline of Tavira´s economic importance. Tuna fishing and the canning industry brought new life in the 19th- 20th century but today Tavira has renewed prosperity based on EU membership, tourism, foreign and ex patriot investment and fishing. The proactive Cămera of Tavira is driving major change, and investment in improving infrastructure, this is necessary to support the growth generated by a huge building program generated by a massive promotion of Tavira, especially in the UK, a new shopping centre due to open in 2009, a Contemporary Art Centre, a Water Museum, an Islamic Museum and a Fair and Expo centre are all planned.

  • Tavira- One of the best towns in the Algarve!
  • Tavira- Averages only 17 days a year rainfall!
  • Tavira- Something for everyone. Quietlife or Nightlife!